Club Penguin Styles Clothing Catalog Cheats | Hidden Items 2013!

Hello Penguins!

As mentioned yesterday, today, Club Penguin released (or more like updated) their Penguin Style Clothing Catalog with brand new items for ALL penguins to buy and their highly anticipated new penguin design.

Before showing you the latest hidden items, I would like to point out Club Penguin made the color White Arctic available in the catalog…

… and that ALL penguins can now buy old/rare clothing items.

Okay, now back to the hidden items. Fortunately for us (members) there’s 4 new hidden items. To find the new hidden items and buy them, simply click the spots I circled with red in Club Penguin’s Clothing Catalog then click “buy”.

So what do you think? How are you liking Club Penguin’s latest penguin design? They look really cool but… um, not as cute as they were before. It’s a nice concept but I still think they have LOTS to work on. Anyone else think they look a lot taller and a bit pointy?

What do you think? Make sure to leave a comment and let us know!

~Cool Man8172

Herbert’s blog updated

Hey all! Hebert has updated his blog! With what? Well he is now known as Darth Hebert! Lol! Anyways he has coffee mug that says I ❤ the dark side! Boo the datj side stinks! So yea! Leave a comment of what you think! 

Star Wars party sneak peek

  • Ok hey you guys! I’m actually blogging from my iPod! So I will blog more! So I’m back blogging and I will make post immeialy! Ok so the club penguin home screen has been updated! With Star Wars cadence as leia! Cool right! So starting July 25th is the Star Wars party! Ok all! Bye!

Hey Guys its your friend Sabe!! I’m not offcially back on club penguin yet but I’m trying! SO the puffle party is in full swing! It has been entended one more day! So tomorrow will the new EPF update come out? WIll Herbert strike again? Will I ever get my computer back! Well for now it was nice talking to you guys. Leave what you think in the comments. Waddle on!

Club Penguin Coins For Change Results Video 2012 – 2013!

Club Penguin has uploaded the Coins for Change results video to their Y0uTube channel. At the start, it shows us Alaina, a Club Penguin player and activist. She commentates over the video, to tell us the results and how our donations helps other communities around the globe. Check it out:

As posted earilier, We raised $395,490 for Protect the Earth, $308,614 for Medical Help and $295,926 to Build Safe Places. In total, we donated around one billion dollars to all them causes around the earth. Thanks to all us penguins who donated. I donated 20,000 coins to each of them causes. How much did you donate and for which cause? Tell us in the comments.
~Cool Man8172