Club Penguin Meeting Happy77.

Hello guys,
Eariler I made a post about happy77 and her bg and I said that I will give you the video of her. here it is but also found Polo Field, Saraapril, waltdisney6 and mods.
What do you think of the video? Tell us by Comment?
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Club Penguin EPF Message From Jet Pack Guy

Attention all Elite Penguin Force Agents, be sure to check your Elite Penguin Force Spy Phones as Jet Pack Guy has released a brand new message today. Jet Pack guy’s message is an informative message and it talks about BIG BIG KAHUNA!

I don’t want to get my hopes up but it looks like this BIG BIG KAHUNA thing is actually happy now. Glad we calmed it down at last.

I’m really glad that BIG BIG KAHUNA is actually happy for a change and isn’t blowing it’s top. Aren’t you? Let us know in the comments what you think of this Elite Penguin Force Message.

~Cool Man8172~

Club Penguin Coffee Shop Grand Opening – Thank You

Club Penguin released a brand new post on the Club Penguin Community What’s New blog today and this time, the post was made by Happy77. Her post was regarding the Coffee Shop grand opening. You can view her post here:

Thanks to everyone who turned up at our little Grand Opening meetup today! I know it was very busy online – thanks for being so patient and celebrating with us! You’re all amazing.

Today was a special moment in Club Penguin history. The new Coffee Shop and a brand new game… Smoothie Smash. I’m glad that we were a part of it together!

So on behalf of the Club Penguin Team…

Waddle On! :) -Club Penguin Team

I had great fun yesterday as I saw Happy77, Polo Field, Cool Times, Moose and many more moderators. Most of them I never knew existed! Did you go to the meet up yesterday? Let us know in the comments your thoughts.

Cool Man8172

Happy77 comes to Cp

Hello penguin pals.

Eariler today, I showed you a post about the new a revealed Coffee Shop and Happy77 said that she will make a appearance there to celebrate the new Coffee Shop. Happy77 has already came to the Snow fort and here she is:

As mentioned earlier, I will show a video of Happy77 today but there are lots of penguins like saraapril, polo field and waltdisney6 that have already made it there. Hope to see you there. Make sure you leave a comment and tell us what you think?

~Cool Man8172~

Important Info

Hey Everyone Tidus9631 Here I Have Some News When Or Blog Gets 1,000 Views I Will Be Hosting A Party Also When My Iggy Gets 1,000 Likes I Will Host Another Party. Thanks Waddle On!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Club Penguin Game: Smoothie Smash

Hello Penguins!

The waiting is over! For the first time in a few months, a brand new game has been added to the island – Smoothie Smash. And I’ve got to admit it’s pretty easy to play! In fact, it reminds me a lot of Pizzatron and Bean Counters! Sort of like a combination of both…

To play Smoothie Smash simply head over to the brand-new redesigned Coffee Shop and waddle to the smoothie stand located in the bottom-left of your screen.


There’s currently 2 game modes to play: normal and survival. But before you start playing, let’s go over the rules for each mode.

Normal: Move your penguin using the arrow keeys and smash on the correct fruit. For combos follow the recipe!

Survival: Move your penguin using the arrow keys as well but watch out for hazards! Avoid them and smash on fruit to heal.

It’s that easy! But, however, if you don’t jump on fruits well… your penguin will bounce and fall off.

Easy, huh? Did anyone notice you can also server Herbert smoothies? LOL, I guess we can be friends after all…

There’s also brand new stamps for “Smoothie Smash!” Make sure you collect them all to double your coins at the end of each game!

So, do you like “Smoothie Smash?” I sure do! It’s really cool but I don’t think it will ever become my favorite game – Mine Shack is my favorite by the way. What do you think?

Make sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think!

~Cool Man8172~

Club Penguin Field Ops #97

Club Penguin Field Ops #97 Cheats

Hello Penguins!

Field Ops are released once a week and today, Club Penguin released a new Field Op! Every time a Field Op is completed you will receive a medal to unlock exclusive elite gear. To complete the 97th Field Op first go to the HQ and waddle to the yellow firewall .

Good work Agents! It looks like the creature, code name BIG BIG KAHUNA, has settled and is no longer dangerous.

We need more data before we continue. Go to the volcano mouth, and test the rocks with your Spy Phone. Don’t anger the volcano.

Accept your mission and go to the Volcano. Waddle next to the center and wait there until your spy phone turns green.

This time our mission is to crack the lock! Listen to the tempo of the lock, then repeat it. Be precise! You must match each lock twice.

Once you’ve completed the 97th Field Op, you should receive a new message from Gary the Gadget Guy.

Excellent work Agent! According to your seismic examination of the sample, I can confirm that BIG BIG KAHUNA’s mass is diminishing.In other words – the volcano is shrinking again! It should be back to normal size in a week. Club Penguin is saved!

Great job agents! Club Penguin has been saved thanks to you once again! I can’t wait for Club Penguin to be back to normal…

So what do you think? Make sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think!

~Cool Man8172~