Club Penguin Newspaper Issue 357

Earlier this week, Club Penguin published a brand new newspaper, the Club Penguin Newspaper Issue 357. Just like every other Club Penguin Newspaper, there are three articles; the main article, the supporting article and the Upcoming Events. The main article in this newspaper lets us know that ‘Big Big Kahuna’, an ancient volcano has finally awakened. This volcano is angry and hungry. This week’s supporting article lets us Club Penguin players know that an ancient temple has appeared at the Snow Forts. When you successfully go to the end of this temple, you will receive a prize. Finally, our Upcoming Events lets us penguins know about three Club Penguin events that are happening soon on the island.

The Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit has finally come to the island, and an ancient volcano has awakened. The name of this volcano is ‘Big Big Kahuna’. This volcano is extremely hungry and has a craving for fruits. It is up to us penguins to feed him as many fruits as we can. To do this, climb to the top of the volcano and start to throw fruits at him, but make sure to throw from each and every tribe, or else he may starve forever. Once you do this right, you will receive a special prize: three backgrounds and a grape suit.

An ancient temple has appeared. It is located at the Snow Forts right beneath the volcano. Collect the sacred fruits hidden all around the island to enter this temple. Once you get into it, use all of your braveness to try to complete it. Be aware that this temple is filled with traps, so watch your step penguins. If you complete this temple successfully you will receive a prize, good luck. On September 6th, the Stage Play, Planet Y, will be arriving to the island along with a brand new Penguin Style clothing catalog. Also arriving soon is a new Igloo Furniture catalog, this will be arriving on August 13.

Club Penguin Newspaper Issue 357

The ‘Big Big Kahuna’ volcano is quite scary. He has such a big appetite, and big addiction to fruits. This volcano helps the Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit become even more exciting. I’m excited for all three of the Upcoming Events as well. Planet Y is finally returning as a Stage Play on Club Penguin. I’m also excited for the two new catalogs that will be arriving shortly: the September 2012 Penguin Style Catalog and the September 2012 Igloo Furniture Catalog. will be providing you with the cheats to both of these catalogs. What are you most excited about? Leave your answers down in the comments.

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