The August 2012 Club Penguin Magazine got released very recently to the United
Kingdom, as I posted about earlier. In the magazine, there is a sneak peek on
what next months’s issue includes and it’s a Puffle Special. Every year, there
is a Fall Fair in the month of September and this year there most probably will
be. Rockhopper always arrives on the island for the Fall Fair but with
Rockhopper currently at the island, it’d be sill for him to leave the island to
then come back a few weeks later. With all of this information onboard, there is
a Puffle Circus at the Fall Fair every month and PH only comes to parties that
have Puffle ‘stuff’ in…

She hasn’t came to the island for a few months so I don’t see why she wouldn’t
come, also if PH did come to the island this would be her second appearance on
the island. Here’s some extra information that’s in this months Club Penguin
Magazine, in the sneak peek section of next months issue there is an image of
Puffle Handler. See, my theory links up with the information. Well, what do you
think? Do you think PH will come to the island in the month of September for the
Fall Fair? Or will there even be a Fall Fair this year? Let us know in the
comments your thoughts – we’d love to hear what you think.

Could PH Come to Club Penguin Next Month?


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