Billybob Confirms Club Penguin Fair 2012 With Ability To Save Tickets

Yesterday at around mid-afternoon Penguin Standerd Time, BillyBob made a rare appearence on server Sleet and released some exclusive information in his short stay. While I had a hunch about the Fall Fair coming to the island once again this year, BillyBob has now confirmed it. Check out this image:

Later on in the short convosataion BillyBob had yesterday, he said that during the 2012 Fall Fair us penguins will be able to save the amount of tickets we have when we log out. In previous years we lost the amount of tickets we had as soon as we logged off but no more! Take a look at this:

In that rare appearance from BillyBob us Club Penguin players learnt quite a lot – we’ll be able to save tickets and that there’ll be a Fall Fair party this year. I wonder if there’ll be any new games coming to the island. What do you think? Let us know in the comments your thoughts.

– Cool Man8172


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