Club Penguin Field Ops #97

Club Penguin Field Ops #97 Cheats

Hello Penguins!

Field Ops are released once a week and today, Club Penguin released a new Field Op! Every time a Field Op is completed you will receive a medal to unlock exclusive elite gear. To complete the 97th Field Op first go to the HQ and waddle to the yellow firewall .

Good work Agents! It looks like the creature, code name BIG BIG KAHUNA, has settled and is no longer dangerous.

We need more data before we continue. Go to the volcano mouth, and test the rocks with your Spy Phone. Don’t anger the volcano.

Accept your mission and go to the Volcano. Waddle next to the center and wait there until your spy phone turns green.

This time our mission is to crack the lock! Listen to the tempo of the lock, then repeat it. Be precise! You must match each lock twice.

Once you’ve completed the 97th Field Op, you should receive a new message from Gary the Gadget Guy.

Excellent work Agent! According to your seismic examination of the sample, I can confirm that BIG BIG KAHUNA’s mass is diminishing.In other words – the volcano is shrinking again! It should be back to normal size in a week. Club Penguin is saved!

Great job agents! Club Penguin has been saved thanks to you once again! I can’t wait for Club Penguin to be back to normal…

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~Cool Man8172~


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