Club Penguin September 2012 Penguin Style Catalog Cheats

The penguin style Catalog on Club Penguin is updated with cool new and awesome items. To get these awesome items or just watch the Penguin Style Catalog, you need to go to Gift shop which is in Town then once you are at Gift Shop, click on right bottom corner. And, the Penguin Style Catalog will appear on your screen!

That’s the first page of this new catalog!

Here are some of the cheats which are on this new catalog

To get Horse Costume and Horse Hooves, then click on the left penguin’s yellow sneakers!

To get the costume Green wheeler, Click On the side mirror of the purple wheeler on left!

To get the Flip, Primitive necklace and Green surf shorts, click on the hair band of the left penguin!

Here are the cheats of the items which have Last Chance to Buy so you have to be quick in earning coins by playing games and buy these items because they are about to get rid away from the catalog!

To get The Handsome and Rythm & Purple Blues, click on the left penguin’s left hand!

These are the only cheats in this catalog and which are totally amazing and fancy. I really have been waiting forlaptop to be in the catalog to buy, so today is my lucky day that Club Penguin released it as a new item on the catalog! This laptop is green and the old one that I wanted was Silver but I am happy with the green one, better than nothing!

This new catalog contains items which will be useful  for the Fall Fair 2012 which starts at 20 September. What do you think about this new Catalog? Please, let me know in the comments below!

~Cool man8172


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