Club Penguin Space Adventure: Planet Y September 2012 Cheats

An old play on Club Penguin at Stage is being shown which is called “Space Adventure: Planet Y” once again. It will be best if you check out the stage but here’s how the stage looks like:

Hmm, it’s good as there are many things for us to act and the script is also been updated.

Unfortunately, there are no cheats in the Costume catalog this month as usual nowadays. Here’s what this amazing Costume Catalog looks like:

Pretty cool, but shouldn’t Club Penguin add some cheats into the catalog? Well, I think they should. I have always wanted the astronaut’s costume and was just waiting for these costumes to come again so I can buy them!

Do you like this new catalog or you want some hidden items in it too? Feel free to comment below!

~Cool Man8172


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