Club Penguin Reminder Updates!

Club Penguin updates every week with brand new items being added, some being removed and some items just being updated. This week there are a few updates coming this week – there’s a new game coming though! Here’s a list of what Club Penguin are updating tonight (PST) / Tomorrow morning (GMT)

  • Club Penguin Times Issue #361
  • The 2012 Fall Fair party commences
  • Field Ops #100
  • Club Penguin Magazine Issue #9
  • New Pin!
  • Rookie arrives (with a newbackground)
  • New EPF Message

All of this weeks updates will be themed on the 2012 Fall Fair party as the party has just commenced, I’m really excited to see what new updates this week will bring, aren’t you? Let us know in the comments if you’re excited for this weeks updates

-Cool Man8172


About cman8172

Hi I am Cool Man8172 but you can call me cman8172. I am a Blog owner that lives in the UK/ London. Go to to find me

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