Club Penguin Fall Fair September 2012 Cheats | Walkthrough


The Fall Fair is finally here! Our favorite fair is back to the island with brand new prizes, decorations, and a special feature that will blow you away! This party is all about playing games, earning tickets, and redeeming your tickets to buy new items. Shall we get started?

There are lots of games you can play at the Fall Fair to earn tickets. This is pretty straight forward; you play games, earn tickets, and redeem them for special items at the Forest or outside “The Great Puffle Circus.” These are the current free items for non-members at the Forest:

And these are the brand new members-only items outside the Great Puffle Circus:

As you may have already noticed, Club Penguin will be adding even more items sometime next week so make sure you play a lot during Fall Fair to earn tickets! And talking about tickets… For the first time ever, your tickets will be saved even if you log off! Sweet, huh?

Here’s a brief explanation by Club Penguin on how to get tickets:

There’s also “The Great Puffle Circus” which is located right above the Forest were you can watch puffles perform different acts.


The Great Puffle Circus is only for members only meaning non-members can’t access it. If you are a non-member, click here to explore The Great Puffle Circus for free! Members and Non-members can now enjoy themselfs!

Cool, huh? Overall, the 2012 Fall Fair is pretty cool but not as cool as compared to the one in 2011. I wonder what ever happened to all those free backgrounds in the Dock and pins at the Coffee Shop? Hmm…

So what do you think? Make sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think!

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