Club Penguin Blackout Is Still Coming + New Music Video Coming Soon!


Club Penguin have released yet again, more sneak peek information, teasers and exclusives on a few of the Club Penguin Twitter accounts. Today, I have found out Operation Blackout is still coming to the island and we do know that there will be a brand new music video (possibly from another mascot) coming out soon – possibly next month. We know this from this tweet from Billybob on his personal Twitter account.

It sounds pretty cool that Club Penguin are releasing another music video from, maybe, another Club Penguin mascot. It’s also good to see that Club Penguin haven’t forgot about the Club Penguin Blackout party that was first mentioned around a year ago. Take a look at this tweet from Billybob.

I’m really looking forward for the future months in Club Penguin as many new features and many new parties will be appearing in the island. I’ve just had a thought that operation blackout may be held in the month of November as a new mascot is set to arrive in the next few months and an unknown party will be taking place! What do you think of my little theory? Let us know in the comments your thoughts.

Cool Man8172

Here’s a list of all the sneak peeks, teasers, and exclusives that Club Penguin have released on Twitter:

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