Two New Club Penguin Video Coming Soon

As I said in my last post, Club Penguin are releasing many new sneak peeks, exclusives and teasers from their 6 or so Twitter accounts. It was revealed earlier on today from a tweet from Polo Field that Club Penguin will be releasing a new video that shows the top 10 things about the Fall Fair. Just like during the Box dimension video, Rookie will be the start of the video and it’ll be themed on the fair. This is the tweet on the Club Penguin twitter account.

The new Club Penguin video will most probably come out in the next few days (possibly this Thursday however it could come out as early as tomorrow). Along with these brand new Fall Fair video coming out, there will be a brand new sneak peek video of the 2012 Fall Fair that will be created by Businessmoose, soon. Check out this tweet from Polo Field.

Right, I’m now personally really looking forward for the next few months as many new things will be happening in Club Penguin! I’m getting really excited with all these teasers and I have more that I’ll post in the next few hours/days. Let us know in the comments what you think of these sneak peeks that Club Penguin are releasing.

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