Club Penguin Field Ops 102 Cheats

To begin this week’s mission, you must head on over to the Elite Penguin Force Command Room. Once you have arrived, waddle over to the big, yellow screen labeled “FIELD-OPS” to receive your orders. Immediately, a message from Gary should appear on your screen. Once you have fully read Gary’s orders, click “ACCEPT FIELD-OPS” to continue with your mission.

This week, the Club Penguin Field Ops mission is located at the Boiler Room. You may use yourmap to arrive at the given room quicker. Once you have arrived, waddle over near the cabinets in which contain previous newspaper articles. You will notice your Elite Penguin Force Spy Phone will begin to blink green.


When your Spy Phone begins to ring and repeatedly blinks green, this means you have successfully located the mission and you are ready to resume to the mini-game or puzzle. This week, your goal is to crack the lock. To do so, you must listen carefully to the beat of the given lock. You will be given a chance to memorize the lock twice. Afterwards, you must repeat the beat you heard and enter the lock correctly. There will be three rounds of the given mini-game, each lock will become more difficult as you continue to complete the puzzle. Be as accurate as possible.

If you have completed your mini-game/puzzle correctly and successfully, this means you have completed this week’s Club Penguin Field Ops mission. You will now be given a medal and a message from Gary the Gadget Guy. Be sure to receive your medal proudly as a thank-you for keeping Club Penguin safe and sound from any harm. Nevertheless, Gary has a little something to say to all of the Elite Penguin Force agents who have completed their weekly missions.

If you cannot read the image given above, it reads:

Eureka! You found my Great Uncle Gariwald’s lost laboratory notces. Well done! Hmm… Before he disappeared, it looks like he was investigating paranormal ectoplasmic activity. In other words… ghosts.

Gary congratulates you for successfully completing this week’s Field Ops mission. He also seemed to give us a little hint on his some of his Great Uncle’s research — paranormal activity. As in, spooky ghosts! Yikes, I’m already getting the chills. Regardless, congratulations, for you have completed another weekly Club Penguin Field Ops mission. You are now ready to take on any upcoming missions Gary has planned for us. What are some of your thoughts on this week’s Club Penguin Field Ops 102? Was it fairly easy or slightly difficult? Let us know in the comments section below.



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