EXCLUSIVE: Club Penguin Operation Black Out Sneak Peek

Back in 2011, Club Penguin released a “Behind the Scenes at Club Penguin” video on their Official YoutubeChannel. If you watch the video and carefully pause at 1:49 one of the Club Penguin writers is typing up something in relation to Operation Black Out!

The text is very small and hard to read but I managed to figure out what some of the text said.

Herbert: “You penguins will never again see the light of day! Mwa ha ha!”

Rookie: “You’ll never get away with this Herbert!”

He is something else I posted about earlier this week, Lane Merrifield on Oct. 2nd tweeted this sketch that he got to see at Club Penguin.

I got to see this today. Its coming in Nov… I can’t say more.pic.twitter.com/CANh1W1d

I cannot wait for Operation Black Out to release in November, what do you think Herbert is up to this time onClub PenguinLeave me a comment below telling me your theories and thoughts!


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