Club penguin Twitter info – Arctic White

Let’s face it – for months we have been wondering about the unreleased Arctic White colour and when it’ll be available. Back in late April, almost  six months ago to date, Billybob made a post on the Club Penguin Blog saying it’ll be coming soon, then on YouTube Club  Penguin said it’ll hopefully be coming in May, then in May they tweeted that  more information will be coming soonish…and all has been quiet. Until now. As you can see, Polo Field tweeted that he plans to write a post giving an update (finally) about the  Arctic White colour.

I do realise Club Penguin has been working on other big things – parties, new  items, improved features, community redesign, igloo updates, and so much more  amongst other things – but would it kill to give us a definite release date  rather than having it span for almost six months now without it still being  released?

Stay tuned for the blog post. Hopefully more specific information will be given out by Club Penguin when they do so and don’t forget to comment!

-Cool Man8172


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