Club Penguin Field Ops #103 Cheats

Hello Penguins!

Field Ops are released once a week and today, Club Penguin released a new Field Op! Every time a Field Op is completed you will receive a medal to unlock exclusive elite gear. To complete the 103rd Field Op first go to the HQ and waddle to the yellow firewall.

Gariwald’s notes show he was working on some sort of ectoplasmic transmutation process, similar to my Monster Maker. Such experiments would have left evidence. Go to the Forest, where his mansion was, and see if you pick up any unusual signals.

Accept your mission and go to the Forest. Stand right under neath the pines/tress (whatever you call them hehe) in the top-center of your screen and wait there until you spy phone turns green.

This time our mission is to decrypt the passcode! Match the shape on the right to decode the security. Be quick – the system will lock you out in 30 seconds!

Once you’ve completed the 103rd Field Op, you should receive a new message from Gary the Gadget Guy.

Well done Agent! It seems like you’ve picked up a strange transmission originating from an ectoplasmic source.Oh my. That’s strange. The transmission sounds like a message. It says: We are coming…

Great job agents! But… what’s coming? Or should I say, who is coming? We know the Halloween Party is just a week away but, hmm… we’ll see. Let’s just hope whoever is coming doesn’t cause any trouble! Right?

So what do you think? Make sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think!

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