Club Penguin Blog Changes!

Hello Penguins!

A few weeks ago the Club Penguin Team promised to redesign and launch a new Club Penguin Blog (along with new authors) early “next week.” Well, guess what? It’s here!

Both the Community and Blog have been redesigned and some new features were added. First of all, let’s start with the Community… or should I say “Fun Stuff” section? :]

As you can see, well, the Fun Stuff section has been redesigned but the cool thing is that a slideshow was added AND there’s brand new wallpapers (most of them are stills from the latest Club Penguin music videos and clips) plus a new poll!

And as for the new Club Penguin Blog the only thing that has changed (other than the design) is that we’re now able to reply to comments! Cool, huh?

Well, maybe I kinda lied when I said “some new features were added” but honestly, the new Fun Stuff section + blog look awesome! Oh, and did I mention you can access both sites using your mobile devices too? Yes, that’s something new.

Of course both sites are still kinda buggy on mobile devices but hey! It’s barely the first day and I’m pretty sure Club Penguin will hopefully fix it soon. Other things that have changed are:

  • The PST Clock is gone (sigh).
  • The auto-updating party banners are gone too!

So what do you think? Do you like the new design or…? I sure do! In fact, I’m so happy Club Penguin is slowly getting rid of Flash and replacing it with HTML 5. If you know what I mean…

Make sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think!

-Cool Man8172


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Hi I am Cool Man8172 but you can call me cman8172. I am a Blog owner that lives in the UK/ London. Go to to find me

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