Hello Penguins!

Operation Blackout is coming soon (November to be exact) and with it just a few weeks away, today, Polo Field revealed 2 brand new sneak peeks on Twitter. Check ‘em out below!

Well, the first image sure looks like a Field Ops but, hmm. What’s the second image? Could it be brand new island, a party or…? My guess is that it had something to do with the Adventure Party a few months ago but hmm, not sure. What do you think? Any theories? I heard Trainman1405, Monchocho and Jermaine10 are guessing!

Make sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think!

-Cool Man8172 the not sad boy anymore!

Ps: sorry for no posts for a long time! It wouldn’t let me put my pictures in to show you! If it happens again, I will make a post and tell you to visit these blogs or the links that I found them out!

Club Penguin Two Other Operation Blackout Sneak Peek


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