Club Penguin Mascot Glitch Found out!

We have found an ultra exclusive way for any penguin (member or non-member) to add all of the Club Penguin mascots to their buddy list on Club Penguin! It’s very easy and you don’t need to use any third-party generator and you will not get banned for using this method. First off, you need to download Google Chrome. Take a look at all these mascots that can be found on my Club Penguin buddy list, below:

After you have downloaded Google Chrome, login to any Club Penguin server you want to. In the top right corner of the internet page on the Google Chrome browser, there are three lines (tolls icon). Click this and then choose the option ‘Tools’ and finally ‘Javascript Console”.

A big window will automatically pop up at the bottom of your computer screen. Once this happens you must type (not copy and paste or it will not work) the following: Disney.Friends.API.addCharacters (“#”). When you do type this though, reply the # with any of the below numbers:

  • Rockhopper: 1
  • Aunt Arctic: 2
  • Cadence: 3
  • Gary: 4
  • Franky: 5
  • Petey K: 6
  • G Billy: 7
  • Stompin’ Bob: 8
  • Sensei: 9
  • Herbert: 10
  • Wheel Bot: 11
  • Jet Bot: 12
  • Snow Bot: 13
  • Protobot: 14
  • Dot: 15
  • Rookie: 16
  • Jet Pack Guy: 17
  • Director: 18
  • PH: 28
  • Rocky: 29
  • CeCe: 30

You will now have every single Club Penguin mascot added to your buddy list once you repeat the process and chance the number to another one. Not only can you add Club Penguin mascots that have already visited the island, you can add people like Herbert, Protobot, Dot, The Director and many more! What do you think on this brand new exclusive that us Trainman1405 worked out moments ago? Be sure to let us know in the comments what you have to say on this exclusive – we’d love to hear what you have to say!

-Cool Man8172


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