How to Add Any Penguin on Club Penguin

Recently we published an article on how to add Club Penguin mascots without having to meet them, and now, we have a guide on  how to add any penguin – again, thanks to Trainman1405 from Club Penguin Memories. Using this awesome flaw in the buddy system, you can add anybody, even Billybob and Happy77. This guide is fairly similar to our original adding mascots tutorial.
In this tutorial we are using Google Chrome, however you can use Firefox.

  1. Log in to Club Penguin using the penguin that you wish to add penguins on.
  2. At the top right of the Google Chrome web browser, click on the little icon that is three dark lines all on top of each other – Google Chrome Tools.
  3. Click on “Tools”.
  4. Navigate to Javascript Console.

Alternatively, you could just use the shortcut CTRL + J + SHIFT.

How to Add Any Penguin on Club Penguin

In this Club Penguin adding guide, you must type in the following line in order to add:


Please be aware that you must type out that sentence yourself for it to work.

Here is a list of  some Club Penguin penguin codes:

  • Billybob – 11099f08-77a7-4734-b84d-9158c28bbc51
  • Rsnail – 369bb7a5-252f-428f-a1b0-34ab0343683e
  • Screenhog – 446dc9df-0bd3-4cb1-9f6c-ca28969f90b6
  • Gizmo – 70c88523-09bc-41c7-8ec1-a05671cce2bd
  • Happy77 – b286af23-3bdc-46d9-bf6b-83ec8fa587d5
  • Businesmoose – f926967e-9a0b-4db2-8e8f-30e005fee7c3
  • Polo Field – 2dc0fb07-ccc0-44dc-b30a-443285b7f5f6
  • Tour Guide – 6c81154b-11b5-4e0f-9f90-a1c56081e397

Awesome! Be sure to add some of the above penguins, and the good thing is that they do not have to accept. They do also see you on their buddy list, too.

If you wish to add another penguin then be sure to comment below with their name and we shall do our best to comment back with the code for you – a guide shall be following.

What do you think about this awesome flaw in Club Penguin’s buddy system? Be sure to comment below seeing as we love to hear from you and your penguin buddies.


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