Club Penguin Halloween Party 2012 Cheats

We also have the text guide for this event. Time to scroll down and begin the great guide to the Halloween Party 2012.

Maze/Scavenger Hunt

From the Forest, you can waddle into the mansion. Here, you are to find the keys of the trunk. The keys are scattered around the Mansion. If you click on the key, it’ll take you to the room it’s hidden in.

The first key is in the Main Room.

The second key is found in the Graveyard.

The third key is available to pick up at the Dining Room.

The fourth key can be found at the Library.

The fifth and final key can be found at the Study Room.

Once you found all, you may unlock the Trunk at the Main Room. Pick up the special Ghost Goggles and wear them. Waddle to the door to the left or right of the trunk. Then waddle up to theGhost Laboratory.

Becoming a Ghost

Once you enter that lab, you will receive a free background. Members can step inside a machine that will transform them into a ghost penguin.

After a few short seconds, penguins can be ghosts and waddle around Club Penguin as ghostfigures. Ghosts can complete the To-Boo list. What ghost penguins have to do is waddle to select rooms and and press D on their keyboard to scare other penguins. Completing these mini challenges, ghosts will be able to collect their prize. Later next week, ghosts can unlock more prizes.

What do you think about this party? I love this party, it’s really fun and exciting! Let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.



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