Cool Man8172 Fan Page Shut Down for 1 or 2 weeks!!!

This is a time I don’t want to say this people but I am shutting down the blog for 1 or 2 weeks!

By November, I will be starting my posts again but for now, we just have to let our ways out for a week or 2.

Sorry for that but it’s just me getting tired of posting so I thought about doing this for a week or 2. You will still be getting posts by my staff, Beyonce 4444 ( Might not be posting) Tidus9631, Singh099 and many more staff. Sorry for that! Also, the only reason I am doing this is because, I can improve Cool Man8172 Fan page! I will be doing loads of improvements for 1 or 2 weeks! My first improvement will be me putting the Club Penguin Clock into my blog. Second, I am not sure but you will see after I finish!

-Cool Man8172


About cman8172

Hi I am Cool Man8172 but you can call me cman8172. I am a Blog owner that lives in the UK/ London. Go to to find me

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