Club Penguin Spike Saturday Meeting At Fog! NOW OFFLINE


Spike Hike is Offline

Here is what he had to say!

Spike Hike is online in his igloo!

Firstly, login to Server: Fog

Next, check your map and keep going down untill you see Spike Hike’s igloo.

Finally, enjoy the party.

These are all I have taken! I will take more later on when I meet him again.

PS: you might not go to his igloo because people have made it full. Keep trying…

Update again:

More Pictures are here.


While on Twitter today, talking to a few of my buddies about Operation Blackout, I noticed that Spike Hike had released a brand new tweet on his very own Twitter account saying he will be holding an event every Saturday – Spike Saturday. I believe Spike Hike decided to do this after attending one of Polo Field’s events – Field Friday – and noticed how much fun it is meeting up with us guys. Remember, Spike Hike is the new Billybob as Billybob is leaving Club Penguin in February 2012! This is what Spike Hike tweeted:


Moose Monday, Field Friday, and now Spike Saturday! Spike Hike from the Club Penguin Team (he took over Lane Merrifield/Billybob’s role) just announced on Twitter that his meetup on Club Penguin will be today at 4:00 PM PST (7:00 PM EST) in the server Fog. As he said, be sure to wear your coolest spy costume!

Also, quick question – should I continue posting when Businesmoose, Polo Field, and Spike Hike have their meetups even if it is last minute? Comment below with your answer. Thanks!

Speaking of Field Friday, click here or the image below to view all the pictures Pen50gi took of yesterday’s Field Friday!

Here is another picture of Moose Monday

Sorry for just 1 image! I had to get off the Computer while Buisnesmoose was having his party. Too bad 😦

Did you meet Buisnesmoose or Polo Field in any of their partys? Tell me by comment. What I will say is I only went to Moose Monday but I never new there was a Field Friday untill Saturday Morning. 😀

Just a minute ago bye Pen50gi again, he told us on Twitter that he has found out Lane Merffield (such as Billybob) will login for Spike Saturday.


Even Spike Hike said he might login.

Well, this is what I’ve heard but I am not completely sure he will login since he has left Club Penguin but if he said he found out Billybob will login, it could be possible.

Update Done!

This is epic – Spike Hike is the new Billybob so meeting him once on Club Penguin is a big deal – let alone every Saturday! Sadly though, we do not know what time Spike Saturday will start – I don’t even think Spike knows – however he did say sometime this afternoon. This will be rather late for the United Kingdom and Europe as it will be around 3am Sunday morning – it’s perfect for Americans though! Perhaps people doing meet ups on Club Penguin like Spike Hike, Businesmoose and Polo Field should consider the other time zones in the world – not just the one they are in, don’t you think? We would love to hear what you have to say on this time zone problem and about Spike Hike doing a special event – Spike Saturday – in the comments, below.

~Cool Man8172

Ps: This is important so that’s why I used my own time to post this. Please take pride with me posting a great chance for you to meet Spike Hike!


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6 thoughts on “Club Penguin Spike Saturday Meeting At Fog! NOW OFFLINE

  1. Batreeqah says:

    I never added him.
    He did not accept my Request.

    • cman8172 says:

      Oh! Too bad! Maybe next time or Next week on Spike Saturday, you can add him. I think his list has become full by now… Maybe our next Moderator, who comes online might add you. I am already friends with loads of Moderators. Here is a link to the picture.
      If you’d like to know what FL means, it means Friends List. I’d just wish I added Happy77 ( who quitted Cp) and Polo Field.
      PS: Spike Hike never added me too! 😦

  2. mega7000 says:

    Hello spike hike my penguin name is Mega7000 I really want to see you Can you plz tell me your
    schedule. Thanks a lot

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