Club Penguin: Cool in the Cold Music Video!

Hello Cool Man8172 Fan Page Fans!

Today I am posting about the Cool In The Cold Video ,which I have all ready posted, but not the real song! Anyways, while on twitter and youtube, I heard  say he has found the song of Cool in the Cold again with annimation! Well before you ask me how he got it, I have no idea how he found it or his credits found it so ask them! ;D So then I went on twitter and my Subscriber named CPMemoriesVideos (which is obviously , as you may know or not) uploaded it and I was impressed because he finds loads of stuff so quick. Man, how do he do it? On to the video underneath:

Here is the music video for Club Penguin’s Cool in the Cold song. Like usual Club Penguin only animated a minute of the song rather than the whole thing. I will put in Club Penguin’s official upload of the music video as soon as it is available on their channel, but in the meantime here is an alternate copy. Also, do you notice two familiar Club Penguin Team members in the video? Businesmoose and Polo Field made a guest appearance! They forgot to include me though… 😛

Unreleased Ice Monster costume?

So! This is an awesome song! Man, I cannot wait any longer for this party! Guess Billybob was right after all about October, November and December being the BEST MONTHS of our Cp Lives! 😀 So, what do you think everyone? Tell us by comment! Special thanks to  for showing us this and his credit is: @CarlosMice and The Chapolim!

~Cool Man8172~

PS: I was just aloud to come on but anyways soon will be a staff because of how busy I am. So no posts because of my busy things and no time for posts. (Just stay tuned for him) 😀


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8 thoughts on “Club Penguin: Cool in the Cold Music Video!

    • cman8172 says:

      Yeah. Me too Sabe2121 and anyway thanks for that suprise party for Monchocho because I was there for a little bit and I enjoyed it. 😀

      • Sabe2424 says:

        No Prob!

      • cman8172 says:

        You have time to login Cp and I will hire you as staff! But do you have WordPress before I hire you? And woulld you use your own words mostly (sometimes not) ,which is called advertising. And I will email you and ask when you will login and we can take a pic for our new staff! Do you have a custom penguin already? Be truthful because I will make one for you.

  1. Sabe2424 says:

    kk Cman! Umm today!

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