Club penguin Meeting Sabe2424

Hey Guys! Here is a video about meeting Me Sabe2424. I go on server Abominable a lot. I love being a author for this site.
This will tell you about me a little bit. Meeting me. Would you ever want to meet me or Cool Man8172? Tell us by Comment!



About sabe2424

Hi! I'm a player for club penguin! My name is Sabe2424. I make videos with my friends and I like to waddle around the island! I live in the USA.I'm a great friend to others and if u see me I might add you. I also like to go to monchocho and coolmans sites!

17 thoughts on “Club penguin Meeting Sabe2424

  1. cman8172 says:

    Wow! As said in the video, She is famous! So search her and remember her favouirte server is: Abominable. Nice Sabe2424. πŸ˜€

  2. pablopablo2 says:

    hi sabe its me pablopablo2 hey i didnt add you yet

  3. Cool Johnson says:

    Cool Man8172 Im cool johnson in this video and im who make it and i,pablopablo2 and sabe2424 make a deal to make this video and now you pick my video to you website and say that it is yours 😦 if you did it again im going to tell club penguin what you do and now im going to proove how it is mine . . . . It say from the first ( CpUltimate0 Watch it online )

  4. pablopablo2 says:

    Its ok guys we are happy you like this video πŸ˜‰

  5. Cool Johnson says:

    No thanks sabe and cman thanks but please dont subscribe please thats a big prize please dont thanks : /

  6. Sabe2424 says:

    Party soon… Detes soo

  7. pablopablo2 says:

    coolman when can i meet you please tell me you and sabe and monchocho πŸ˜‰

  8. pablopablo2 says:

    Hey coolman can you see this video i worked hard for this video

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