Sabe2424 Sunday

Sabe2424 Sunday

Hey guys! So you know how Club Penguin Field Friday moose Monday and Spike Saturday? Well We have Sabe2424 Sunday!
Room:My igloo
Time:2:00pm pst!
please come! I will be adding! Giving Postcards and more!


About sabe2424

Hi! I'm a player for club penguin! My name is Sabe2424. I make videos with my friends and I like to waddle around the island! I live in the USA.I'm a great friend to others and if u see me I might add you. I also like to go to monchocho and coolmans sites!

6 thoughts on “Sabe2424 Sunday

  1. andybillson says:

    Coolman It’s me Andybillson you said you can make me a custome penguin? here is a few pictures of my pegnuin…

  2. cman8172 says:

    Might make it! 😀

  3. sabe2424 says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:

    I am inviting coolman and Monchocho to come!We will add postcard and more. I hope you can all come! We will be at santas Workshop!

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