Happy New Year from Sabe2424

Hey Guys! Thank you for such a great year here at this blog! Thank you for all your support and stuff! I wish you a very very happy New year! So many great things have happened this year! I joined club penguin, I got to be an author for thee blog,I meet famous people, and more. Thank you for such a great year guys! Have a safe New Year! See you Soon! Now I will go take a nap so I can wake up at 11:00 pm! Later Guys! keep on Waddling on! 



About sabe2424

Hi! I'm a player for club penguin! My name is Sabe2424. I make videos with my friends and I like to waddle around the island! I live in the USA.I'm a great friend to others and if u see me I might add you. I also like to go to monchocho and coolmans sites!

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year from Sabe2424

  1. cman8172 says:

    Awesome! Add a pic of you and great! What are the other blogs you own?

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