Club Penguin Newspaper Secrets!

Hey everyone! I was reading through the newspaper and I found a lot of things that were secretly put inside the newspaper. Here’s what I found.

Gary and the party this month:

This is the easy one. You may or may not already know that Gary will be waddling around the island in January for the Prehistoric Party. We will be looking using his time machine to go to the dinosaur age.

Cadence and the party in Febuary:

So this means that we will have the Fashion Show party again this year in Febuary. Cadence will be the penguin to be waddling around during this event. Also, she talks about awards so could the CP awards be coming in febuary as well?

The Puffle Handler and the party in March:

I’m almost 100% that there will be a new puffle coming out in March. According to what PH says, the puffle must have feathers! Could it be a flying puffle?! PH will be taking care of the puffles for this party and you will be able to meet her.

So what do you think. Tell us by Comment! Special thanks to Airhead32 for telling me about this!

~Cool Man8172


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