New EPF Message From Gary – January 4th

Hello Penguins

Gary has sent all EPF agents a message. To view this message, click on your Spy Phone, hit the phone icon and the message will be at the top of your message list. This message regards the Time Trekker for the Prehistoric Party. It also relates to his Penguin Times article.

The message reads: –

Great Scott – of course! By recalibrating the temporal distortion array in my Time Trekker, I can manipulate time space as easy as peeling a tangerine! Simple!

It sounds like this has a relation to actually being able to time travel. Hopefully he has all this done before the start of the Prehistoric Party. What do you think of this message from Gary? Tell us in the comments.

~Cool Man8172


About cman8172

Hi I am Cool Man8172 but you can call me cman8172. I am a Blog owner that lives in the UK/ London. Go to to find me

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