About the team

Beyonce 4444:

Favourite Colour: Green, its so bright and cheerful!

Favourite server: Abominable, there’s always something new going on there!

Favourite room: Nightclub, I love to boogie! XD

Favourite mascot: Rockhopper, I once met him on shipwreck island and nobody else was there with us…

Favourite game(s): Find four, Pufflescape (good to get lots of coins) and Dance contest

Thats all there is about me, Beyonce 4444 but i want to know about you just answer the questions i have in the comments section below! Waddle on!

-Beyonce 4444


6 thoughts on “About the team

  1. cman8172 says:

    Beyonce I haven’t seen you for a month!

  2. cman8172 says:

    Hey Its Me Tidus9631 I Haven’t Seen You Guys In Forever

  3. nenFeKsninO says:

    nurl:.gov “Find all posts by””Find all threads started by””Total Posts: 0” “signature” “Powered by s9y” comment site:.edu “powered by invision power board”

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