Book Codes

In October of 2008, Club Penguin released new merchandise such as plush toys, plastic toys, books, and more. Since then, Club Penguin has been releasing more merchandise to this date. By purchasing an item, it will come with a code, which can be redeemed online. Toy codes can only be used once, but book codes requires the user to find a word along the lines in text of the book.

On this page, you can find all or most of the available Club Penguin Book Codes. We provide the most Club Penguin Book Codes, as we have most books available. Simply by checking out a certain book, you can find out what codes to use and when to use them. It’s that easy, you can simply take advantage of using these book codes, as they give you coins on the virtual game of Club Penguin.

If you’re looking for Club Penguin Codes which unlock you items such as clothing, Puffle accessories, or even extra coins, please check our Club Penguin Codes page by clicking here.

Below, you’ll find the available books which help you use and unlock Club Penguin Book Codes. Once you use one of the Club Penguin Book Codes, you can move on to the next book. You can only unlock one code per book. Once you unlock something from a book, your reward should be some coins, and a book to use on Club Penguin as a hand item. Some books may help you unlock a rare item as well, once you redeem a book code.

Club Penguin Book Codes

Please select a book where you’d like to obtain free Club Penguin Book Codes from to use on your account.
Club Penguin Stowaway
The Inventor’s Apprentice
Secret Agent Handbook
Star Reporter
Official Stage Playbook
The Great Puffle Switch
The Awesome Official Guide to Club Penguin
Dancing With Cadence
Card Jitsu Handbook
Club Penguin Official Annual 2012
Before Card Jitsu: The Ninja Quest
Puffle Whisper
Club Penguin Official Annual 2013
The Epic Official Guide to Club Penguin

We currently do not provide any Club Penguin Book Codes for other languages. As you can see, we only have book codes for English written books. If you’re looking for book codes from different languages, please visit There, you can find books codes for different languages, easily, and instantly.

How to unlock Club Penguin Book Codes:
1.Logon to Club Penguin.
2.Before selecting a server, click on the “Unlock Items Online!” sign. It is in the top right corner.

3.Select the option “I’ve got a book”.

4.Select the book you’d like to enter in a code to.

5.Enter any code that can be found 0n this page.


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