Club Penguin Businesmoose gives news! (New video)

Hello Penguins,

Today when I was going to upload a video, I checked out a Cp video! Both are about Coins for Change this year!Holiday Party is coming up in a few days! But this is news everyone should know! We all know that Members will be able to purchase the Ice Costume but as Businesmoose said:

MrClubpenguinproduce: Awesome FIST ONE! Hey Moose, will Members be able to wear the Frostbite Costume?Clubpeguin: Who said it was a costume? 😉 ^Businesmoose

Everyone, we have our news now! It’s been explained to us that the Frostbite Costume isn’t a costume but is just more! And that’s right! Who said it was just a costume that has gears? I didn’t!WAIT! HELP BLOGGERS!

Sabe2424 and Tidus9631:

Hello Penguins,

It’s us too! And we say, don’t listen to Cool Man8172! He is telling a lie about him not mentioning the Frostbite Costume! Comment if you believe us! :DLet’s carry on this post! 😀 OK! We know that the Costume isn’t a costume! But what we haven’t shown you is the VIDEO! Let’s watch:

More descrption later!



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