Club Penguin Unreleased Stuff in the Catalogs Ever…

Next unreleasted thing soon!
Furniture Catalog 2012 at October!
Club Penguin’s latest furniture catalogue that got released today has no new items, however one of Club Penguin’s files does indeed list new unreleased furniture items. I do not know when they will be released, but based on the names I think they’ll be out next month in the October furniture catalogue.

The new unreleased items are:
■ Electro-light for 400 coins
■ Scientific Table for 650 coins
■ Spark Doohickey for 475 coins
■ Generator-ma-jig for 350 coins
■ Super Safe Pylon for 200 coins
■ Safety Fence for 300 coins
■ Scaffolding for 150 coins

The Open/Closed Sign has also been renamed to Open-Closed Sign.

When do you think they will be out? Maybe Club Penguin has something up their sleeves later this month?


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