Hi guys it’s tidus9631 I have joined cman on his blog again!

Hi guys it’s ti…


Hello Penguins!

Operation Blackout is coming soon (November to be exact) and with it just a few weeks away, today, Polo Field revealed 2 brand new sneak peeks on Twitter. Check ‘em out below!

Well, the first image sure looks like a Field Ops but, hmm. What’s the second image? Could it be brand new island, a party or…? My guess is that it had something to do with the Adventure Party a few months ago but hmm, not sure. What do you think? Any theories? I heard Trainman1405, Monchocho and Jermaine10 are guessing!

Make sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think!

-Cool Man8172 the not sad boy anymore!

Ps: sorry for no posts for a long time! It wouldn’t let me put my pictures in to show you! If it happens again, I will make a post and tell you to visit these blogs or the links that I found them out!

Club Penguin Two Other Operation Blackout Sneak Peek

So there you have it. Polo Field replyed to the Twitter account of Pablo23030. No Staff on Twitter has told us about the Gift Shop but Polo Field. What we’re worried is he hasn’t mentioned about when it will appear to Club Penguin! I still like the Sneak Peek of the Gift shop. What do you think about the Gift Shop? I think their will be a improved Style Catalog! Do you know when it will come? Tell us what you think by comment!

-Cool Man8172

Club Penguin Twitter: New Gift Shop coming soon…

Mostly Club Penguin just create a account called ClubKlutzy and then they say Click Click and after that they put translations so we can understand! How Weird! But Gary is trying his best to catch up with us because he now knows that Club Penguin has Twitter so he got Twitter to catch up for his Grandfather…

What do you think will happen in November? I think Card Jitsu Snow will come out and Sensei tells us to use our new Card Jitsu Snow abillitys but I think it will be for Members but you will still be able to fight back with your old Card Jitsu Powers! I hope it will be like that! Hope you enjoy Halloween. What do you think will happen for these month? Tell me by Comment.

-Cool Man8172

Club Penguin Gary and Klutzy got Twitter