Club Penguin New Blog and Bloggers Coming Next Week!

Hey Penguins!, today, Happy77 has released a new post on their Community Blog RIGHT NOW!. It’s about Happy77 talking about the New Blog is gonna launch Next week!. Polo Field and Businessmoose are now gonna work at the Club Penguin Community What’s New Blog!!. Look what she says:


Greetings Penguins!

Happy77 here. Remember that sneak peek I posted of the New Blog we’ve been working on? Guess what? We’re planning to launch it next week!
Along with the new blog, I have some other exciting news… We’ll have two new official bloggers posting news and updates here on the What’s New blog. Some of you may already know them… Polo Field and Businesmoose!

Polo Field 350px.png

Businesmoose 350px.png

What you probably didn’t know is that they’ve have been helping me since I first started blogging and making videos! They’re both very nice guys, so be sure to introduce yourself. :)

Please join me in welcoming Polo Field and Businesmoose to the What’s New Blog!
In other news… we’ll be shutting down comments on the blog at 4pm Penguin Standard Time today. We’ll enable comments once the new blog has been launched next week!
Waddle On! :)


-Club Penguin Team

By Happy77 on October 05 2012 03:30
~ singh099

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